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What are commercial video ads and why use them?

A video ad should be used for generating awareness and excitement for a product or service. We create television and social media videos such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media channels in the form of a digital ad campaign. Just keep in mind, to get traction, you’ll likely need to invest some marketing dollars to promote your spot.

What are some characteristics of a video Ad?

  • 60 seconds or less
  • High level branding content
  • Generates buzz and excitement
  • Motivating call-to-action
  • Share-worthy

What is a Motion Graphic?

A video advertisement, like those you see on TV or the Internet, is a short (60 seconds or less, but ideally 30 seconds) branding-oriented video that promotes your company, product or service.

To find inspiration for your next motion graphic project, check out a sample of our motion graphics portfolio:

Type of Video Production

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